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Templates & Resources

Employees who manage HR can spend up to 25 hours a month trying to Google answers and resources. That's about 24 hours and 45 minutes too much.

Library of Laws

States enact dozens of new laws each year. Our Law Library is always updated and easy to navigate.


Determine your average cost per hire, calculate your employees' overtime rates, monitor your average turnover rate, and more.

Checklists, Forms, & Guides

Downloadable and customizable job descriptions, onboarding forms, handbook builders, and much more.

Training Videos

Our 2-Minute HR trainings serve up important HR topics in segments that you can watch in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Or dive deep with our full length training videos.

E-news updates

Whenever there's an employment law HR compliance, or reporting change, we'll send you an update with some handy advice.


Review articles written by our HR advisors and gain access to our monthly HR podcast.

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